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Heavy Plant Machinery for Sale In Ireland

Heavy Plant Machinery for Sale In Ireland

Heavy machinery comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. With this machinery used for a wide array of earth-moving activities, the machinery industry is said to be worth £4 billion to the UK economy. While we know these facts, there seems to be no clear answer as to why we call Heavy Machinery ‘Plant’. The best theory we can give here is that the term was coined during a time that machinery used in construction, demolition, and other earth-moving activities, were predominantly static. If this is the case, the machinery may have resembled the stationary machinery used in factories – which can also be called plants.

Another argument to support this theory is that the term ‘Plant’ used to describe heavy machinery and equipment is derived from the Latin Plants – ‘seed’ or ‘cutting’ – which was later influenced by the French Planter, meaning ‘to fix in place’.

We can further note that, for accounting and financial purposes, Plant Machinery is considered a ‘fixed asset’. This is because the machinery is used consistently by a company to produce (or aid production of) a product. For example, Plant Machinery used on a construction site is actively used to produce the final product of a building.

If you are looking for heavy plant machinery for sale in Ireland, Machinery Mate has sold thousands of construction machines including excavators, mini excavators, dump trucks, loaders, rollers, telehandlers, and more. We advertise plant equipment from well-known manufacturers, including Fendt, Kioti, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, and Puma Series Tractors, ensuring that you will have the highest quality equipment for your needs. Post your ad on Machinery Mate today and choose from our packages that suit everybody.


Buy Heavy Plant Machinery for Sale from Machinery Mate

If you’re looking to Buy heavy plant machinery for sale in Ireland, there’s no better place than Machinery Mate. We’ve got one of Ireland’s largest, most comprehensive listings of used heavy plant machinery, all drawn from a range of different sellers and brands across the whole of Ireland. Machinery Mate has almost always got all of the main brands in stock, from Fendt, Kioti, Massey Ferguson, and, Case, to New Holland and Puma Series Tractors. Each listing provides you with a handy set of photos and a full and complete assortment of details about each machine, ensuring that you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re purchasing a quality product.Heavy Plant Machinery for Sale


By far the best and easiest way to heavy plant machinery for sale in Ireland, Machinery Mate makes payment smooth, hassle­-free and simple. What’s more, we make sure to only stock high quality, reliable vehicles to ensure that you get a machine you can count on. We’re accessible from any device that can connect to a Wi-Fi network, like a tablet, smartphone or laptop. With Machinery Mate, you can be sure that a premium piece of machinery is only a few clicks away.


Our Short Handy Guide for Purchasing Heavy Plant Machinery

At Machinery Mate, we know how hard it can be to think about purchasing heavy plant machinery, which is why we’ve provided you a short yet useful buying heavy plant machinery advice guide. The first and most important point has to be: do your research. You need to use the internet to find out what is being offered by a large range of reputable plant machinery dealers. Online marketplaces allow you to compare hundreds of different dealers all whilst using only one website.

The second point in our buying heavy plant machinery advice guide would have to be to ensure that your seller has a good reputation. Once again, websites like are excellent for ensuring that sellers are reliable thanks to their process of making initial inquiries before hosting sellers. It’s then important to make contact with the seller and to try to view the plant machinery, if possible. If you’re unfamiliar with what well-maintained machinery looks like, it’s advisable to bring someone along with you who can. Finally, it’s necessary to make transportation arrangements and, eventually, to make an offer for your desired machine. Don’t be afraid to haggle!