ST73 FOAMING BOTTLE ( Stainless Steel Injector )


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Nozzle The Suttner ST-73 foaming bottle has a stainless steel injector which is especially resistant to chemicals realizes an ideal mixing of air and cleaning agent, thus succeeding an ideal foam result. In order to achieve a nearly identical and comparable result, there are five defined dosing positions available. The angle of the spray pattern can be adjusted from vertical to horizontal simple by turning the head of the unit. This foaming bottle can be adapted to fit a wide range of  domestic and commercial pressure washer machines.

We recommend that your pressure washer has a minimum pressure of 130 bar and water flow of 420 litre/hour (7 Litre/Min). If your pressure washer falls below this minimum specification we cannot guarantee the foaming bottle will work to its best ability with your pressure washer.

The foaming bottle must be thoroughly rinsed out after each use to prevent a build up of detergent/shampoo internally. To flush out the foaming bottle, Fill the bottle with clean fresh water, While connected to your power washer use the foaming bottle as normal allowing it to suck the clean water through the injector. This will flush out any remaining residue from chemicals, This must be performed after every use.


1L, 2L