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Vintage Farm Machinery for Sale in Ireland

Vintage Farm Machinery for Sale in Ireland

The first engine operated farm machinery appeared gradually after the First World War. This increased productivity and improved the living conditions of farmers. The first farm machinery was bulky and very expensive equipment, which was driven by a steam engine. Later, compact diesel engines were developed, which were used for smaller farm machinery. Today, many of these first farm machinery are popular collector’s items. Often these machines have seen a significant increase in value. As they represent history they are presented in rare collections. Old farm machinery is known as Old-timer farm machinery, Yesterday’s farm machinery, Vintage farm machinery or Antique farm machinery. Farm machinery is considered to be antique farm machinery after approximately 25 years. Younger models are considered standard tractors.

A notable feature of the vintage is their handmade interior of wooden frames and carved windows, making them enviable collection pieces to date. Passionate collectors continue to draw inspiration from many of these antiques which are no longer in use today.

Usually, vintage farm machinery is completely overhauled. But sometimes, old farm machinery was not used for decades or simply forgotten between other farm materials on huge farms. Restoration can be a very expensive task.

Shopping for Vintage Farm Machinery for Sale in Ireland is easy at Machinery Mate. Simply choose a category to begin your search or refine your search criteria in the fields below, including keywords or location. Can’t find the used farm machinery you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll be happy to locate it for you. If you are a private seller and want to sell a piece of Vintage Farm Machinery, get in touch with us now!


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Every piece of farm equipment that you use to maintain your land plays an important role in your success. After all, you often need more than one type of equipment to properly maintain your land since there are so many specialized tasks to tackle. However, as you build your inventory, you’ll be spending a substantial amount of money. When you’re on a budget or simply want to save as much as possible, you may want to consider buying used.

Vintage Farm Machinery for Sale in Ireland


There are many ways to go about buying your used heavy equipment. You can choose to buy from a private seller, but keep in mind this can be a hit or miss. It’s critical that you feel they’re a reliable source and have all the necessary information for you to be comfortable making the purchase. You might feel better going through a dealer, but you still need to use caution. Spend some time researching before you head into a dealership to start shopping. Customer reviews can provide a lot of insight into what to expect from a dealer.

While it’s possible to score a product in good condition from a questionable seller, you’ll be much better off buying with a reputable dealer, like Machinery Mate.

Ready to start checking out some great vintage farm machinery for sale in Ireland? Whether you’re in need of heavy equipment, farm equipment, or lawn equipment, we’re here to help. At Machinery Mate, we sell a wide variety of machines and products, including used farm equipment from our reliable sellers. Give us a call or swing by our dealership to start browsing.